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Your Progress This Week! - Progress Log No. 1


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Sometimes it really helps our motivation to move it away from abstract and theory and see it as raw quantitative data. By being able to really see our improvements, we're letting ourselves see the headway we're making! Post your progress for the week, whatever it is! Based on the attention this thread gets, I want to keep making more so people who are seriously interested in learning Japanese don't burn out!


For me, I've finally memorized 100% of all JLPT N5 kanji, and I've made a lot of headway, coming up to memorizing 53.7% of JLPT words (according to Kanji Tree)! After reading through, making and rigorously studying flashcards for all of the phrases and vocabulary of the first three chapters of the Genki Textbook, I can now fully express a number of concepts and ideas and have them reaffirmed by the workbook and MP3 files! My study plan below has brought me very far in my lessons in just the last month and I hope I continue to improve!


Practice Hiragana (identifying and writing) - Daily
Practice Katakana (identifying and writing) - Daily
Learn Kanji (min. 15, Max. 30) - Biweekly
Learn new Words (Min. 25, max. 50) - Daily or every odd day
Do all vocabulary flashcards (Min. 1 time, max. 3 times) - Daily until confident in set
Review vocabulary sets you're confident in (Max. 1 time) - Weekly
Read Genki textbook chapters (Min. 2, Max. 4) - Weekly
Do corresponding Genki workbook lessons (with textbook chapters) - Weekly
Listening practice with Genki MP3 files, television or podcasts (Min. 15 minutes, Max. 60 minutes, or as Genki textbook directs you to listen to them) - Daily
Reading practice with on-level stories or on-level language exchanges online (Min. 30, Max. 90 minutes) - Daily


What're your lesson plans? Is there anything wrong with mine? Something you'd take out or something you'd add? What's your progress been for this week!? Please share, and I hope you all keep sharing as you keep improving your foray into this beautiful language!

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Right now I work on Vocab flash cards on an IPad once a week for around forty minutes.  I should be doing more but I also read a lot partly because my major was English Lit Writing Emphasis.

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