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Slow patch speed?

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Hey guys, I just got the all in one package for versions 1 through 4 in the mail today, but the patching process is more or less non-existent it seems. The time continues to increase and it has only gone up 2% in the past 30 minutes or so. My speedtest shows it's roughly 130Mbps download and 32Mbps upload, so it should be downloading at a better speed than this. It starts off saying it only needs 11 minutes or so, then begins increasing more and more as time goes on.

Right now, I'm staring at the client and it has already jumped up to needing 523 minutes, and it's still increasing. Does it eventually normalize or am I doing something wrong on my end? I'm on the PC version, by the way. I already installed versions 1, 2, 3, and 4 earlier. I tried a VPN to see if that would help, but it didn't, unfortunately. It just continued to increase in time at a significant pace.

Anyway! I guess it'll probably be best if I just leave it patching while I sleep overnight at this rate, huh? I was hoping to play today, but I don't suppose I can just enjoy offline mode while I patch it, lol.

EDIT: Ah, sorry! I'm an idiot. I forgot to mention I'm living in North America. Not sure if that actually has an impact on the patching process, but I should've mentioned it in my original post.

EDIT2: I might've jumped the gun, lol. Seems the speed is finally starting to level out and the time is now hovering between 115-120 minutes, and I'm currently at 12%. I seem to recall FFXIV doing something similar as well whenever a new expansion comes out. It spits out some insane estimated time (like 2,000+ minutes), then after a while, it actually lowers and displays a more reasonable time, heh.

Sorry for the trouble! You can delete this if you want!

Edited by TetsuyaHikari
The problem seems to have corrected itself.
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