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Did I Break the Rollo Quest? (Stone Stockade)

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I wasn't thinking at all and started digging up the stone walls because I needed them for a structure I was building in my town, and then talked to the ghost, who told me to finish his stone stockade but I think he's in the way of where I build the stockade now because he fell into it, and also I can't remember where/how to build the stockade. Did I break the game?

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Use that as a visual.  If there's anything left of the spikes, use that to determine the outer two extensions, and note it's 2 high, and 12 wide.

If you've destroyed the wall and spikes, and you have at least one spike, and since you know WHERE the ghost is, you can use the position of the ghost to determine where the spikes and stone blocks are supposed to be.  Note you need 28 stone blocks and 10 spikes to remake it and get this quest done with. 

If the ghost soldier is one block underground, so his head is blocking laying down the final brick, try talking to him first after laying down the other 27, and if that doesn't move the quest along to get enemy spawns that finish the quest and give you the stockade blueprint, then dig one block under him to move him out of blocking that last stone block.  Then place it, then speak to him again to get he enemy spawns, and viola, the quest should be completed.

You can also just note the position of the soldier, where he's facing, that he's on the 4th block from the left, and use that to rebuild the wall.


In anycase, a protip about building with special wall and flooring.  Don't take from the game world unless you have to.  This chapter will give you the recipes for stone floor and flagstone flooring.  I believe they come with the Forge themselves, or at least flagstone does, and for stone walls, it's either with the forge or this quest unlocks it.  After that, for infinite flooring, all you require is at least 1 flooring, then make a 5x5 on the ground of dirt, then move to the center, use the "flooring," now break it up, make more flooring, then do several layers of 5x5 dirt, then change it with the flooring, then break that up, and you have the recipe for infinite floor tiles of that type.

For stone walls, or any wall "cladding" create a dirt 5x5x3 (you can do 5x5x4, but 3 high is faster), where you're in the center, so all the center blocks are empty.  So you build the walls first to enclose yourself, then fill in until everything is 3 blocks high dirt, except for that center space.  Then use the Cladding, break the top two layers to stand on the bottom layer, and use the charge attack to smash the new bricks.  Now you can make infinite wall tiles of that type (or infinite wall cladding to just change the dirt you've already used, as the game requires each building to be made WITH dirt until the last chapter).



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