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Anyone know where art of the final boss is? (spoilers)

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I'm referring to Mordragon and Mordragon's Tail (the Timewyrm as well, I guess). Wherever I look I can't seem to find Toriyama art of the final form which is a shame as I actually really liked his final form's design. I've even tried searching in Japanese and no luck there either, but I do recall finding an article about him that said it is unknown whether Toriyama even designed the final boss. This seems unlikely but based on how I can't find any art of him anywhere, maybe it's true.

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Sorry for reviving an old and very dead topic but for those who are interested, art of Mordragon and his tail now exists but it's not like regular monster art. It's the art from Dragon Quest of the Stars. It's something though I guess. DQS - Mordegon3 I still don't understand why the usual Toriyama art of these guys isn't anywhere to be seen.

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