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Some beginner questions

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Hello! I've been playing DQX from the United States for a little over a month now, and I've really been enjoying it so far. I ended up purchasing the full game up to V5. There's still some stuff that I haven't quite figured out though, so I'd like to ask...

-How does the appearance shop in Megistris work? Is the appearance of one item overlayed onto another item, or onto my character as a whole? And is there a way to save multiple outfits (like glamour plates in FF XIV)?

-Is there anywhere I can purchase fishing equipment from a NPC, or will I need to craft them/use the bazaar?

-Where can I find a list of the quests I'm currently undergoing?


Any help is appreciated!

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15 hours ago, DragonQuestfan1998 said:

I don't know the answers to your questions but this website can help. It has just about everything you'll want to know about this game. It's all in Japanese but you should use your browser to translate it (google chrome for example). https://dragon-quest.jp/ten/

Didn't know about this website, thank you!

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For a quest log, when you open the main menu, on the right side select the 2nd selection from the top.
On the page that opens, select the very last item.
The first tab will be your active quests, if you hit *RB* to the next tab, it shows a list of quests that are available for. The third tab is completed quests.


Is another really good resource site.

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To unlock fishing you need to do the first fishing quest:

クエストNo.286 その者 釣り老師(釣り開始クエスト)

NPC is Harmos (ハルモス) at D-6 in Port Town Rendoa (港町レンドア)



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