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Dragon Quest Of The Stars

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14 minutes ago, Plattym3 said:
17 minutes ago, YangustheLegendaryBandit said:

Constructive criticism: should've put the words up top so we could clearly see the ? on the box. Him being a ??? monster and all.

Good point. Give me a second.

Edit: Here we go @Plattym3, attempt #2:


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@YangustheLegendaryBandit that's nice!

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9 hours ago, JaybirdC said:

Come to think of it, since Cookie Monster doesn't fit cleanly into Slime or Beast, does that mean he defaults to the ??? family? And if he goes in there... does that mean Cookie Monster's a boss-level foe?

While not a boss yet, first you must enter his room, and after breaking his cookie pot, take his cookie.  Then you get random Cookie Monster battles, as he attempts to get his cookie back.

Then you must eat it, morphing him into Craven Craving Cookie Monster. 

Then you enter a portal to the Snorlax realm where if you avoid battle long enough, the Craven Craving Cookie Monster is forced to sit down, and thinking a giant flower is a cookie, proceeds to eat it, causing him to swallow a Lorax.  The resulting mixture of Henson + Seuss brings about the Mad Craving Cookie Monster.

You must then escape back to the portal from whence you came, and in the process of fleeing a cookie monster that wants to eat your party members (anytime he catches up to you, and starts a battle, he will eat a party member).  From there, enter the lairs of Oscar and Elmo, where a cutscene will trigger.  Only when he eats Oscar and Elmo, then mutates into Snuffleupagus for the first form, then Giant Tickle You Elmo for the second, then Can Eater Oscar for the third.  Final form is Cruel Cookie Craving Smunster...he heals by eating cookies, and attempts to eat your characters at random, at least up to two at a time. 

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10 hours ago, ignasia said:

I have plans for a mega crossover involving Pokemon, Jim Henson, and Dr. Seuss.

I dunno, I think Cravin' Craven sounds like an appropriately DQish name.

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