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Finally Finishing Dragon Quest VI

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So I made a topic like this maybe 4 years ago and I don’t wanna dig for it so I’m just gonna post the same questions again.

I want to polish off what’s left of Dragon Quest VI this weekend but getting back into the swing after so long is hard. I’m literally on the final boss though, I just need to charge into the dungeon and fight him. That being said, I’ve completely forgotten how to travel to and from his realm (I remember it being more complicated then IV and V) and I don’t remember where to go to change my party’s trades. I was grinding then and I don’t think I want to go into battle with the Hero’s trade set as Luminary or whatever it was called. I know you go to Alltrades Abbey but I think it’s kind of a thing getting to it or something?

I dunno, but if anyone could hook me up with answers I’ll see about beating it over the weekend. My party should be decently leveled if I remember correctly.

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