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DQHI•II Switch coming West?

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I vaguely recall the game being added to gamestop's sku list around winter of 2018, but this posting is new and, coupled with the german registry, is a good sign.
Is it already on sale? Haha

My stance on DQH2 is slowly softening. I did everything in 1, but 2 I didn't touch a damn thing once I hit the credits. It might require a repurchase. 3028eaab2dbc80b1d0fed69aa8d415ac.jpg
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There's not enough new stuff in it for me to consider purchasing a second copy of the game, even if it's for the Switch, but I will praise some of the new stuff they put in, namely the downright loving recreation of Ragnar's finisher in all its ridiculous glory. Most of the other finishing moves lifted from Monster Battle Road were watered down, but not this one.


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