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"Director discusses the possibility of Dragon Quest Heroes III"

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On 3/9/2020 at 10:54 AM, ErdrickSmasherVIII said:

both games were already more that Dragon quest IV with friends; as they already had Dragon Quest V Characters such as Bianca & Nera; Dragon Quest VI Characters such as Terry & Carver; Dragon Quest VII Characters such as Ruff & Maribel; Dragon Quest 8 Characters such as Jessica, Yangus & Angelo; not to mention Original Characters that debuted in said Dragon Quest Musuo games!!


I Mean; What about playing as Monster Allies such as Lizzy from Dragon Quest VI as a Playable Character; or Original Allied Monster Characters aligned with the Heroes that make their debut in DQH3?! Because Why should Playable Monsters be exclusive to just transformations, instead of actual active party members you can choose to play as?!

50% of the non-original playable characters was DQIV. All DQIX got was Erinn. The representation is definitely a little unbalanced.

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10 hours ago, Brother Jaybird said:

And Erinn and Patty weren't even playable. Nice flourishes among the NPCs at best.

Exactly! DQIX gets ONE character and she isn't playable!

Ignoring original characters, Dragon Quest Heroes 1 has:

4 DQIV characters (including an antagonist!)
2 DQV characters
1 DQVI character (who is optional in DQVI)
and 2 Dragon Quest VIII characters
0 Dragon Quest OG, 0 Dragon Quest II, 0 Dragon Quest III, 0 Dragon Quest VII, 0 Dragon Quest IX. Even if you want to say the protagonists of 1, 2 and 3 are not unique enough to feature in the game (I think Erdrick deserves a slot on his merits alone), Dragon Lord or Malrog could've both featured instead of Psaro! Corvus from Dragon Quest IX is also really good if they want to stick with more strictly humanoid final boss.


Dragon Quest Heroes II has FIVE playable Dragon Quest IV characters, even though we didn't need BOTH Maya and Meena, and frankly I don't think we needed Torneko either. And then with the new Heroes 1 * 2 pack we have SIX characters from Dragon Quest IV.


2 DQVIII (cutting Yangus :( )

with Dragon Quest IV STILL taking up the 50% majority of the roster. This is why I call it DQIV and Friends.

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Even admitting DQIV has some of the most iconic characters, it has been rather disappointing to see them dominate the proceedings.

I was sad to see Yangus go in Heroes II, but he and Jessica had terrible chemistry in the first game. Getting Angelo and Jessica as a pair was a lot more appealing. If Yangus returns, ideally he'd get Red to work with or develop a relationship with someone from another game. (Yangus and Torneko would be a neat relationship to follow up on).

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