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I’m starting I’ve too many questions

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Planning on getting this for switch but I have a bunch of questions;

I would need to restart and I want to know a head of time what I’m getting back in to.

1. I read that if have 5.0 I can skip the 1-4.0 story at character creation, is that true? 

That still means you start at level 1 and need to get up to 110 still though, right?

2. What’s the meta for jobs right now? 

The first class I focus on I really want to get the most use of my time, so is there any job that is good at the most events? 

3. I see on YouTube people fighting this giant gold octopus, and a black dragon - what are they? I think they drop weapon skins or something from what I can tell? 

Anyway, would love to know so I can get back into the game -

thanks all.

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Yes you can skip to version 5 (new characters only) and you will be level 1. 

What class to use depends on what you are doing but Priest is always in demand.  If you have no idea what you want to do Priest is always a safe bet.


The dragon and octopus are Version 3 super bosses.  You can get weapon skins by redeeming things you get for beating them.

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