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bought dq builders 1 off ebay recently any suggestions for getting started

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was wanting somthing to chill and play since i am mainly playing the main dq games on stream. so i bought dq builders for switch got a good deal off ebay was just wondering about any suggestions for getting started 

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There's a slot for a card on the top of your Switch. Place the game card in there, turn the Switch on, and enjoy!

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1) Chests for storage.  Even after you make the big chest that automatically takes your excess items magically, that will fill up easily.  Make extra small chests, and I suggest keeping similar types of items within them.  Like use 2~3 for basic building materials like dirts, 2~3 for building materials you have to make yourself, like bricks, etc.

2) When you can make flooring and walls, you can craft infinite of these things.  They're called Flooring and Cladding.  Make 1 set instantly for each of your preferred type, then...

  • Flooring - create a 5x5 grid of a basic building material that can be changed (dirt or clay most of the time, dirt being the best choice), then stand on the center square, and use the Flooring to turn the whole grid into that floor type.  Keep making these until you have both as many individual floor blocks as you need, or ample to make more Flooring to change whole sections of dirt into that flooring.
  • Cladding - create a grid of 5x5, except the center block, and stack this 3 high.  Stand in the center, use the Cladding, then use your hammer to smash the top two, then charge attacks to smash the rest of the top 2 layers, then the bottom layer.  You'll get the hang of it.  You can use this extra for just making the walls as you go, or to make more cladding to change dirt into those wall tiles.
    If you have the Telaria Shoes, you can double jump and make the 5x5 grid, 4 stacks tall.
    Do note it's best to stack upward with each dirt patch.  So lay one dirt patch, place the second one on on it, then jump to place the 3rd.  Then lay the next one, repeat the process until you get your 5x5 grid.

3) In Chapter 1, when you get to the final section with the Obsidian, use that to surround your base.  The boss cannot damage Obsidian.  You'll see the outline of your base, where the music is still your base music, and not the world music.  That's where you want to put your wall, where the town music still plays, just prior to the world map music, at the very edge.

4) Chapter 1, I suggest a full wall of Stone cladding around your base the moment you can, with doors leading out.  This will prevent the constant monster attacks from getting through.
Chapter 2, place wooden or magical doors (or both) outside your main walls.  They prevent ALL attacks.
Chapter 3, the moment you can create cannons, farm obsidian asap on the third island, and surround your base with a wall 6 tiles up and 1 tile underground on the West side, and 4 tiles high on the East.  It might be a good idea to assure the bottom tile is missing, as you may want to place push traps all around your base (the game will require a push-trap section be built, and it is effective against all but super large enemies, like Trolls...which is why the 6 tile height.
Chapter 4, obsidian barrier around the castle the moment you can, only you don't have to place it inside the city, but instead just outside.  I HIGHLY suggest creating one major opening on the West side with all your Evil Idol's placed as a kill zone, and the spike traps you'll get layed out in between.  Do not make a moat until you can put Obsidian at the bottom as well.  It's the ONLY thing that prevents your base from being blown up.   So make sure to collect as much as you can the moment you're able to, and use it as your main base protection. 

5) It's always a good choice to place 4 doors leading from the 4 walls in Chapters 1~3.

6) In Chapter 4, I suggest making sure you get the Gold Ring that's hidden in the special treasure area in the first island, the SE section I think.  It's hidden behind an ashen wall.

7) In Chapter 4, make sure to break the statue you find for water purification, and place it in the water pool inside the small mini-base, so you can make infinite Holy Waters without going back and forth.

8 ) In Chapter 4, make sure you get the cursed equipment early.  It's a good idea to get the Critical Ring from the same dungeon.  I suggest looking up a youtube about it.  It can be done after the first base defense on the first island.

9) In Chapter 4, I HIGHLY suggest you collect as much from the second island as you need or think you might need, before freeing Tantegel with Holy Water, as you'll want as many healing and iron/coal as you can get for a good early start.  The moment the main base in Tantegel becomes operational on Island 2, you'll get enemy party attacks, and with initial resources, no way to counter them properly.  Better to know you can make some decent cladding, or prepare for decent cladding asap.

10) A requirement in Chapter 2, but it should be repeated for Chapters 3 and 4: break tree stumps for seedlings.  Designate at minimum a 2x8 or 4x4 grid space for trees.  Make sure nothing is hanging over them so they can grow to full height (takes like 3~4 in-game days).  This will offer a constant supply of wood, which is used in a number of recipes.

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I suggest just going straight through. I beat the game on vacation this summer in about a dozen days playing 3-4 hours a day. Thought I'd kick myself for forgetting the guide I bought. I didn't. I maybe Googled 1 or 2 things per chapter. It's a chill game, no need for really much advice or hints at all.

Then again, I build dirt rectangular everything. I don't decorate. I'm a very basic builder.

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thanks guys def looking foward to it now just gotta wait lol kinda wishing id just bought it digitally but  oh well lol 

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Two last pieces of advice:

1) try to keep your rooms layed out so each one is part of the walls of the others, so they all fit on the 1st floor.  So it's best to start in a corner and build out from that corner within the base.  Try to keep it 1 story for Chapters 1~3.  Feel free to put a roof and stairs leading up to it, towards the end of Chapter 2 facing away from the land leading to the peninsula the town is built on.  I think the direction is South, but I'm unsure.

Once the bosses are defeated, if you want to continue playing that chapter post-boss, feel free to build as you want to.  Note though, that Terra Incognita, at the very end, is designed for infinite building on a safe island to build as you please on.

2) If you decide TO build upwards at all, note there is a cap to where NPC's will go (anything under I think 30 or 32 tiles up).  Enemies will spawn beyond that point.  They will also spawn on any section of your base outside that square space you're given with the lighter coloured tiles and special music within those tiles, to indicate the base perimeter.   So let's say you build a castle, and you build a spire that extends outside the base, enemies WILL spawn on the spire, regardless of how high up it is.  This is a bit problem in Chapter 4 where one enemy, Rockbombs, will blow up a huge portion of your base, and the only material that blocks that explosion, is Obsidian.

Obsidian in Chapter 4 is also annoying, as you're not given a very powerful hammer (it's strong enough to break the material, but not strong enough to break it and allow you to collect it...meaning once broken, it's gone forever).  The only way to collect it at all is through cannons, which the story gives you for free after you rescue a certain individual.  In chapters 1 and 3, you'll have the ability to farm Obsidian with a mallet, as it's just strong enough to break it and keep it for your own usage as a building material.

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