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Ignasia's Thread...initially 8x Draconian mode, but will likely include data dumps

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Who didn't see this one coming?

In anycase, the boss vids, all 30s at the end, of the wins.  I'll keep adding them here.

Act 1:






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Act 2:


Act 3:


I realize it's better to put this here.

So I realized there are no hard data dumps or good basic FAQs to check for item locations.  2D mode definitely has a different Mini Medal count to 3D at different points.  Ends up as 45 at the end of Act 1 for both, but the locations are different, and the lead-up to them is different.  So I am going to drop things for now, and any testing, to just do a 2D run on normal, then a 3D run on normal to get a full catalog.  Then redo one of my main saves from scratch to see what gold counts are in place of the books.

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