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So I've been playing for a few days now. I've tried out the Minstrel (Performer) class and the Wizard (DPS caster). Currently I'm using the weapons they started equipped with. For the Minstrel I'm using the fan (I think it's really neat) and for the Wizard the staff. However I'm curious which is considered the "best" for new players or rather in regards to getting your character recruited into other groups via the offline borrowing feature.

I'm not sure how good fans are in general. Again I like them because very few games have them as a weapon type. For the Wizard staff seems like a logical choice as it helps you recover MP but at the same time I'm not sure that it's a good choice if one is soloing. :D 

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First off, you won't be locked into a weapon.  You will eventually unlock a way to reset skill points so if you change your mind on what you want to use later you won't be stuck.

For a mage, 2 handed wand is pretty standard.  That is the ideal choice most of the time so I'd stick with that.

For a Minstrel, fans aren't the most powerful weapon but they have some neat skills.  Fans have a blind skill that can blind enemies.  They have some decent AOE attacks, and there's a high end fan skill that lets you buff the party.  It has a cool down but it's pretty nice for quickly buffing everyone.

Minstrels can also use knives, and knives in some situations are quite powerful.  They tend to be single target weapons, but they can be used to poison enemies or put enemies to sleep.  When enemies have these status a knife can do extra damage.  You can poison an enemy and then use the extra damage to poisoned enemies skill to do some really nice hits.

In the early game, I'd lean more towards fans.  Especially if you have AI hired party members that are providing all the offense you need.  The flexibility of fans is nice in the early game.

Later on, you might look at checking out knives for higher end boss fights.  My Minstrel uses both fans and knives, because they both have their uses throughout the game.

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