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i am trying to complete all the grottoes in the game. i am trying to use a single character (the hero) to complete this. at the moment, i am a level 60 sage (not re-vocated). so far, i can beat equinox, nemean, shogum, trauminator, elusid, sir saguninus and atlas.

for any one reading this, i have not hacked, but i have lv. 40 + in all classes and have Omnishieldmaster + book, omniswordmaster + book, omnibowmaster + book, mild skill in both wand and boomerang, and have erdricks sword, uber falcon sword, uber miracle sword and purblind bow. (and various other equipment).

i have completed the main story line and have access to all buy able weapons and amour excl. dqvc.

any suggestions on how to continue?

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13 minutes ago, Plattym3 said:

@Liamland would be our resident grotto guru here.

This isn't a Grotto question though.  It's a stat/character gameplay development question.

I would say farm and get all character specific skill sets to max, for all the stat bonuses.  So Guts, Courage, Enlightenment, etc.  Those stat bonuses carry over between classes and stack with one another.

After that, just keep grinding away until you get harder grottos, and I suggest using the Baramos map to gain access to harder maps.

if you want to get the post-game quests (the bosses that come with them), and the legacy bosses that also come with them:

or this:


...this is the better method if you can set your router to allow WEP encryption for a night...OR if you have a second router you can physically plug into your main router/gateway, then set that to WEP (or better yet, just whitelist only the DS Mac address), and use that for your DS.

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