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Dragon Quest Abel lost episode

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33 (not included on home video) "A New Determination for the Heroes!"
Transcription: "Yuusha-tachi no Arata Naru Ketsui!!" (Japanese: たちの新たなる決意!!)
January 11, 1990

I was looking at the recent fansub release of the series and noticed that an episode was missing, so when I went to the wiki it seems like Episode 33 of the original run of the series was left off of the home video release for the late 80s early 90s Dragon Quest Abel Yuusha anime.

This is a long shot, but would any of the Japanese fans out there have a VHS dub or digital copy of the original run of the series that might have this episode included? From what I understand piracy is harshly criminalized in Japan, so the odds are against this being available on a torrent site somewhere. If we can't find a fan who backed up this lost episode it may be gone like so many junked episodes of early Doctor Who.

Any ideas on Japanese DQ forums where we might be able to reach out to a larger audience of oldschool DQ fans from Japan?

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