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The problems we met in Dragon Quest Builders 1 & 2

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Dragon Quest Builders 1 & 2 are a good game that every one will easily get addicted with , and we love it so much . I do remember the first time when I played this game , I get so addicted and can't stop playing it . I don't usually play this kind of JRPG , but when I started to play , I just can't stop playing and love it so much . Game is game of course , every game has their own problem and many player will try to solve it and make themselves to have a good game experience . But there will always have that one problem that you can't solve no matter how you try and how hard you doing research online . And that , is some serious sh!t that will ruined our game experience . I do remember there is a problem I can't solve when I first playing DQ Builder 1 . The problem I met was the 2nd floor room I built can't register and this problem making me really pissed in that day . I done a lot of research , tried a lot of way and suggestion , but still ..... the problem can't be solve . And with that problem , I give up to play DQ Builder 1 and it took me 6 weeks to picked it up and play it again . Because I am really pissed in that time and this literally ruined my gaming experience . Until today , the 2019 , this problem still can't be solve . But I have to stand up and face it right ???


Do you guys have any problem that you can't solve or some problem that makes you pissed in Dragon Quest Builders 1 & 2 ??? Feel free to comment and make sure do follow me in Dragon's Den page 😘 And I'll talk to you guys later .

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One I saw the chapter challenges were time-based in the Playstation versions of DQB1, I said it and never even tried to do the other ones.

Also, issues with breaking Barbella out of jail in Chapter 3 literally ended my game. I put it down for a good 2.5 years.

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