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I have a dragon Quest 9 game cartridge is there anyone out there willing to help me get the DLC Quest DQVC items and the special guest at the inn please let me know


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Hope this helps.

On 6/8/2019 at 9:43 PM, Dakhil said:


Been seeing a lot of topics around here asking how to get the DLC content and people answer that the only way to get it is by hacking or playing multiplayer with someone who does have it. However, using altwfc, you can get the DLC simply by connecting your DS to a different server. 

Go into the DS wifi settings from inside any online DS game, and set as your primary DNS, making sure there are no other connections set up. This will work on any DS system, from phat to 3DS. 

Keep in mind that the DS can't connect to any wifi with higher security than WEP, which is old wifi that you probably don't have anymore (and if you do, your network is wide open) so you'll need to find a work around. There's a few different ways to accomplish this, such as plugging in an old router to your new router (my preferred method), using a mobile hotspot, setting up an open guest network, etc.

Once that's set up, go to the inn in Stornway, talk to Sellma, and if everything is done right it should connect and download the quests, special guests, and VC Shop items.


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