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What are you doing this weekend?

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Maybe this could be a weekly thread to check into. Maybe I'm just bored at work. Who knows? I'll probably be doing some things for my new house like painting and looking at staining the floors. Tonight we're going to my sister in laws to play games with her fiancé's friends for his birthday.

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I mean, we do technically have a topic for this sort of thing with the “What’s New With You,” topic, but eh, as long as there is conversation going then who cares.


I’m working because it’s my weekend to work at my job. Sunday will be a real peach of a day too since one of the college kids will be back down for a full shift and I think she enjoys acting like an idiot a bit too much. For example, one Sunday I was writing something up in the manager office and she popped her head in and proceeded to let out 3 loud burps. Work on Sunday could be...interesting, to say the least.

Other than that, probably playing games in my downtime in the evenings after work. Not sure what it will be since I’m in that indecisive mood, but if all else I’ll pop in Smash Ultimate and go from there. I have been wanting to replay Chrono Cross, so maybe I’ll play that a bit and do some Draconian settings of my own creation. First one, renaming Serge as Lynx. I hope it will make things as confusing in the text as I’m imagining it will.

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Playing video games. Just like I have been doing since March. Not much to really do right now for me since gardening season is pretty much done.

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Kids soccer.

Waiting for one kid to poop out a plastic marble he swallowed.

Waiting on wife's Covid test.

Need to do some online work training.

Good times.

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