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Slime Mori Mori (Rocket Slime) 3

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As many of you know Slime Mori Mori 3 / Rocket Slime 3 got fan translated this year on August 1st.  It's the Beta, but really it's 100% translated, they just threw it out there for fans to finish bug checks.  Recently I put down an offer on a Japanese copy of the game and an ebay seller and I worked something out...

So, now I've got the game up and running and let me tell you, the game is as fun as the other two.  Granted, I'm only about an hour into it, but damn it's addicting.  I'm going to use this thread to document my time with the game and be a somewhat walkthrough of sorts.  So far here's what I've done:

1. The game opens with you on a ship. You learn the standard stretch and launch yourself attack.

2. You land at the castle town and need to gather wood to fix the ship.  This provides an introduction how to hit items up into the air and collect them.

3. When you go to the castle, stuff goes down with Don Clawleon again and he steals some Rainbow orbs.  Of course the king needs YOU to go get them.

4. You hop on your boat and steer it towards Flat Desert, where the first orb has turned a Sphinx into a big bad guy.

5. You land at a pretty sparse desert town and it's time for the first dungeony area.  You make your way through just like the other games, hitting things up into the air, catching them and throwing them on empty train cars that take them back to town.

6. You and each train car can hold up to 3 items at a time.  There are tons of treasure chests around, and you can catch both the treasure chest and what's inside.

7. Enemies can be collected and sent back, or you can kill them outright, although that takes quite a few hits, but gets you money.  Once I sent some back, I found those enemies started populating the town, not sure if it was a certain number that triggered that, but really some I'd only sent a could back and one was there.  Some had quests for me to do like bring them a flower and such. That netted me item rewards.

8. Searching around enough I found a Seed of Life that raised my life bar from 4 slimes to 5 slimes.

9. Rockets shot me around from level to level around the first area.  Occasionally I accidentally hit stuff into the cannons and they got shot around too.

10. Following some Platypunks, I eventually got to the Sphinx boss. Had to hit jewels a bunch of times on his front paws without getting hit too much. Despite me having medical herbs (which I currently have no idea how to use), I didn't use them but won.  Not too hard a first boss fight.

11. Getting back to town I heard that someone saw an orb headed north out of town, so I guess that's where I'm headed now.

12. No ship battles yet, which are supposed to be this iteration of the tank battles from Mori Mori 1 (the one we got as Rocket Slime), but it may happen soon as I'm headed out to sea now.












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A couple of things I discovered in that first area too:

14. You can float.  Besides just stretching and shooting, you can jump and float like a slime balloon for a little bit before landing.

15. There are sometimes bags with a ? on them that you can pick up and send back to town. You don't find out what's inside until you leave the area and have the report from that mission inside. The first one was pretty underwhelming, it was just a stupid log.

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16. Ok, second area is a mansion that seems to be set in a nice little German or Swiss town.  Ducktor Cid was there and some other residents talked with a strong accent.

17. Realized the medical herbs found in pots and from defeating monsters heal you instantly, not something to be collected and used later.

18. The mansion was about twice as long as the last dungeon. It has 2 places to open that warp back to the start, whereas the desert only had one.

19. Man, I started killing more monsters instead of collecting, got TONS of money comparatively.  The dude who runs the shop right near the boat won't sell me anything yet. He says it's not time for him to open his shop.

20. Oh boy, ship battle time. Ductor Cid is going teach me how to do it.

21. Forgot to mention, you save your game with Bo. She always hangs out at the harbor in towns.

22. So far 2 cannons, one shoots straight at the enemy ship, the other seems to arc up.

23. When the ship HP is down to 0 you cross a rope and head to the other ship to destroy the engine room.  I got over there and there was a ton to destroy on the deck. I sooooo hope I can shoot myself over in the cannons later on and just sabotage the hell out of the other ship. Really, that's about all I ever did in Rocket Slime, I just broke in and sabotaged the heck out of enemy tanks while my idiots kept firing.

24. After the initial battle, Dr. Cid can now outfit my ship with different ammo.  He's got different configurations that he can do, such as strong attack, or faster ammo. The ammo is all the stuff I've collected so far like logs and iron bars and even the first boss's head!

25. The first part of the world map I'm on looks like North Africa and Europe. Desert in Africa and Swiss village in Northern Europe. I see a pattern going here.

26. Looks like after you clear a city or find an optional place to stop with the ship, that's when the quests open up from the residents. So far just trade them stuff.

27. Sailing around now, there are just items floating in the sea to pick up.

28. The boat can jump. No dead whit it needs to yet, but it can!

29. Before I go on to the 3rd place a few more notes: there seem to be exactly 7 unique enemies and 7 unique items/ammo per area. And enemies on the screen can pick up the items and toss them at you just like you can toss them at the enemies.  That came as a shock when a ghost picked up an iron beam and nailed me with it.

30. Dr. Cid can improve your ship. Looks like hull, bow, mast, and prow can be done. It adds HP to the ship, attack power and speed but damn does it cost a lot of money and a ton of the good materials I've collected. I'll be able to customize parts of my ship to to change the appearance, but I don't have an alternatives yet.

31. Wait, no sooner did I type that then the merchant now has stuff to sell me, parts of the ship!  I got some blueprints from my 2nd naval battle and now I can change the appearance of my ship. Not everything changes stats, but I splurged for the 1 thing I can buy that did.











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OK. I can't keep up this typing with everything, so Plat's Notes from here on out. Just beat the 3rd (of 7?) area.

32. It's nice that Quests/requests are retroactive. "Please beat 5 of XXXX" since I already have tons I got "Oh, you've already done that, here's your gift." Nice.

33. Love being a Slime Knight.

34. The 3rd area is called The Ruins. Throughout the runs there's lines drawn all over the ground. Thought it was neat little touch. Get to the boss of the place and those lines rise up and is the final boss.  Seemed maybe too easy of a boss.  I traded blow for blow with it because I was too lazy to run and I still did well. I feel there were times I should have only been able to get in 1 hit, but managed 3, so even better!

35. The world is HUGE. So much sailing, so many ships to beat. Gotta get better at that or figure out how to have a freaking crew, because right now it's just me.

36. Another off the beaten path had a Seed of Life and then I got one for beating the boss.  Never found one in the 2nd area, but 2 here was nice. Life bar is up to 7 slimes!

37. Translation team's puns are on point!










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Back to it.

38. So the bad guys (Platywags) you're following so far in the game are named Heady & Taily. They're always talking too much as bad guys do telling you where they're going and what they're up to.

39. Crap.qw Long time in the Seanile Tomb, but no boss at the end or Rainbow Orb. Darn it.

40. Off to Easter Island in the south central Pacific. Big ship battle there with Heady & Taily.  This got me a map. Oops, forgot to mention the world map has 9 areas.  This map just opened up the 4th one.

41. I was at Easter Island before. Not much here but 2 requests to do. Did them both. Onwards.

42. Next stop, South Australia with a little stop in New Zealand at a lighthouse to heal because there's a tough-looking boat defending the next city, Slushia.

43. At Slushia, Dr. Cid has 3 friends, one for streetpass, one for battling online, and one for buying items online.  Yep, no good to me.


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44. Nope, Slushia doesn't trust me yet. Gotta go to West Slushia to get something to get into Slushia and progress.

45. Finally. Into Slushia. Heading into their mines. Not sure what they're really called. It's called both Necropolis & Slushia Mines.

46. Wahoo, another Seed of Life. Up to 8 health.

47. Random note here, ship battles are getting annoying without a crew. Read somewhere today that I can get a crew after the 4th or 5th Orb.  My goodness, the time between the 3rd and 4th is taking so long for me, it's almost the time between the start of the game and the 3rd. Lots of stuff going on, no progress on orbs.

48. Ugh, almost finished the level and accidentally hopped on the train and headed back to town. D'oh!

49. Finally got orb #4, the blue orb!  Had to defeat a skeleton T-Rex. He was actually really easy.

50. WAHOO, yet another Seed of Life!

51. Slival has made an appearance. DAMNIT, he stole all 4 of my orbs.  Grrrr...

52. Took 5 tries to get to Slival's headquaters (damn ship guarding it). HE LIVES AT THE DRAGON'S DEN!!!!

53. You know what? F the Dragon's Den puzzles/traps. First time I outright died (a Ygg Leaf brought me back instantly). Pointless place to go through just to have to go outside and fight Slival's boat. 

54. BUT YAY!!!! Now I can have a crew! Finally! He wasn't too bad to beat using allies!









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55. Another piece of the world map, another place to go. Sounds like an orb there, hopefully it won't be 3 game hours to get that one!

Time for a couple gripes:

56. It took FAR TOO LONG to get allies on the ship.

57. When going to buy/make upgraded gear from Jans' shop, it sucked that you couldn't tell if it was better than what you had equipped right then on the ship.  Once it's made and you're equipping with Dr. Cid, you can see stat increases or whatnot, but that's long after you spent money and resources on making something potentially worthless.

58. Crap, and this could be a gripe. To get into town #5, I need to find 3 ninjas. I just found the first one (it's kinda obvious where they are). What does he immediately demand of me? Rebeat the first boss.  Ugh, I'm going to do one and go to bed. I think we've reached the inevitable drag that most DQ games turn into for a bit somewhere.

59. Going back to the first area, it's time to recruit more members to the crew. Platys it only took 10 taken back to town to get him to join, everyone else is asking that I have 20 of theirs. Similar to Rocket Slime where 20 enemies brought back got you a statue.  For kicks I recruited all 5 monsters from the first desert.

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60. Spent a while rebeating old bosses. Their heads fall off at the end and are the best ammo in the game. Also, this fulfilled some requests, one of which got me yet another Seed of Life.

61. Annoying. One of the 9 map regions gives you a warning that the monsters are too strong andsa you should turn around. Guess where my 3rd ninja I needed to find was? That map area. Dumb, normally warnings like that should be heeded, but nope.

62. Second ninja request was to trade more, but I'd already done it. Final ninja needed me to show him an entire boat set of parts. I had all the directions to those things and wondered why he didn't like it. NO, I needed to go spend like 18,000 gold on actually building the parts, which stinks because they're worse than what I currently have equipped, so pointless.

63. Finally opened up the snow area: Shiverel.  Went through it pretty quickly. Was kinda annoying with the ice and the traps all over and the thing you need to use the most is a bottle of fire which explodes if dropped or thrown. Had to leave and come back many times to keep healing myself. Also, there are very few train tracks here, it was hard to collect monsters or items. Got Yeti super quick because 6 kept respawning (something that doesn't usually happen) near one of the few train tracks.

64. Boss was nesting dolls, honestly it wasn't hard but I'm not certain at what point why I got hits in. I hit everything all the time, but eventually I'd hit something that did damage.

65. Next place I need to go is a ship graveyard. Too tired to follow directions and look for it. 

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Moving on...

66. Stupid ship's graveyard is right where I feared it was, behind a locked wall. There are walls on rivers that require you to fight a certain number of ship battles back to back without the chance to return to port and heal up.  This one had 4 battles in a row.  Got my butt handed to me twice. Upgraded a bunch of stuff back at town: ammo & ship parts. Got close but lost a third time.  The fourth attempt I decided after the first two easier battles that I needed to personally shoot myself to the other ship and stop their damn cannons firing.  That was the ticket. It was a near thing though as both my ship and the last ship hit 0 HP at around the same moment. Luckily I was already on board the enemy ship and quickly destroyed the heart of the ship and won. Too close.

67. After this Slival was waiting for me with a ship battle in the ship graveyard. It was quite the easy battle when I realized early on that he was literally the only enemy on his ship. I flew over and just battled him the entire time so my crew blasted his ship and he never got off another shot. Finally got the map for North America from him.

68. Well, talk about stereotyping the United States. The city with the 6th orb dungeon is called "Gun Valley."  It's in the United States and it's got a Western theme going despite it being geographically located in New England.

69. Gun Valley introduces a couple new gameplay elements. Forget Slime Knight, you can be a Slime Cowboy complete with rifle that you can use to shoot bullets at enemies. That was pretty fun and was the entire mechanic for beating the boss.

70. Also, Golem robots appear. You hit these Golems enough and the head pops open and an enemy pops out that was driving it. You can hop in and walk around punching otherwise impassable obstacles like crates and barrels.

71. The final boss is the Statue of Liberty and she's pissed off and tries to burn you repeatedly with her torch while throwing out bombs all over the place.  You get a Slime Cowboy and just pummel her with rifle shots constantly. Again, another boss battle I never felt was hard nor dropped me under 50% health.

72. 6th orb obtained. There's a journalist that's in the town and he writes about you and suddenly I'm world-famous (despite me winning battles on literally every other continent at this point so far). A soldier shows up sent by my king father (did I mention I'm a prince slime) and tells me dad needs to see me.








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73. I think I said before I should just go full-on sabotage. Well, it's come to that. The final town is Japan aka Zipunk. The ship guarding it has like 950 HP.  Mine is in the 500s.  I lost 4 times before I finally just picked crew members and gave them the command (they each have 1 or 2) to just fire the entire time.  I loaded myself in the cannon and flew over and just went nuts killing the other crew, watching them revive at the church on board (my ship has one too) and then killing them over and over.  Finally I won, and had lost maybe 50 HP total. Forget anything else. I'm near end-game. Sabotage 100%

And that's it for this little update. Time for bed!

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73. I think I said before I should just go full-on sabotage. Well, it's come to that. The final town is Japan aka Zipunk. The ship guarding it has like 950 HP.  Mine is in the 500s.  I lost 4 times before I finally just picked crew members and gave them the command (they each have 1 or 2) to just fire the entire time.  I loaded myself in the cannon and flew over and just went nuts killing the other crew, watching them revive at the church on board (my ship has one too) and then killing them over and over.  Finally I won, and had lost maybe 50 HP total. Forget anything else. I'm near end-game. Sabotage 100%

74. Zipunk is indeed Old Japan. Some bad guys tried to chop me up as I entered, but Slival came and rescued me.

75. Collected 20 of some monsters while going through the land here. Getting near the end, need better crew.

76. Going to the boss it warned me I wouldn't be able to save for a while. Getting real.

77. Final orb boss is Don Clawleone. I went full on attack losing most of my life to beat him, didn't worry about dodging.  OOPS, he has a 2nd form.  Death #1

78. So, fourth time was a charm. Two forms Donny boy had.  Got an item from him, but the final orb went into a volcano (Mt. Fuji?) and the volcano flew away. The whole damn thing.

79. And it's back. As a freaking ship. This should be an interesting final boss.

80. Ridiculous. My ship has 500HP. The final battle ship has 2200HP. His first shot took out 250HP. I launched myself over to fight Don Clawleone on the boat. He's the only one there, but the damn ammo auto-launches.  So standing over there fighting him didn't stop his ship from blowing mine down to 0HP.  I kept him occupied, fighting over and over. Got his ship down to a bit under 1000HP before it became too much and he won.

81. Best part? Can't save during that. Need to do a 3-part fight again.

82. Tried to grind. Game froze.  I'm done for a while.  Stupid difficulty spike!

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