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Dragon Quest XI Steam PC - Win7 10FPS issue & SLI test result

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Win7 10FPS issue

- It happens on GeForce Driver 436.02 & 436.15 Windows 7 x64 versions.

- This problem can be fixed by 431.70 or earlier versions.

- 436.02 & 436.15 Windows 10 x64 versions don't have this problem.


SLI test

- Dragon Quest XI Steam PC doesn't have official SLI support.

- I use a player customized SLI profile to achieve SLI.

-  (I'll update the source link within 24 hrs)

- After imported the customized SLI profile, NPI shows that there are 2 profiles exist.

- One is official Dragon Quest XI profile. The other is the imported Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age profile.

- To enable SLI, I should delete official Dragon Quest XI profile.

- Graphic card: GeForce GTX1070 x2 SLI vs GeForce GTX1070 single card.

- CPU, Motherboard & Bus: Core i7-6900K, ASRock X99M Killer/3.1, PCIe x16 + PCIe x16

- GTX1070 Single Card - 31FPS.

- On Windows 10 & Driver 436.02, GTX1070 x2 SLI - 38FPS (+25%).

- On Windows 7 & Driver 431.60, GTX1070 x2 SLI - 31FPS (Not work!).

- Although SLI increased the FPS, it had more lags than single card.

- I cannot register the source forum to give any feedback because I don't know German.

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