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Why I'm angry.

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Though you didn't like my attitude while I played Dragon Warrior Online (SilkWizard not Balzack all rights reserved) or whatever it was called know I was just role playing.  Yes in an MMO you can role play.  Imagine if you will that overall I was an extremely nice guy my whole life with shitty circumstances growing up.

To Seige:  Do some more coke you idiot.  You're going to ruin your life with your beautiful wife.

To Balzack: I could give a crap if you like playing zerg man.

To Chu and Elle:  First of all I don't care if your ancestry is Phillipeano or Brazillian or whatever.  Trying to troll a guy by dressing up in a girl 32-bit avatar (or 64-bit) is still dumb as #$*!.

To Wyvern: Thanks for being in the guild bro.

To SilkWizard: California is still a #$*! hole and it is probably because spoiled entitled inheritors like yourself would rather set up dummy companies and fronts for your friends to hangout in a feel like they are earning a paycheck rather than actually contributing to the good of the world.

To anyone I may have forgotten, sure I would love to role play on the old world sometime but I forgot the platform and I really don't want to role play as that character anymore.  I would rather play as my un-corrupted self.

California hope you enjoyed the snow.  Mexico City I hope you enjoyed the earth quake.  I'm not taking credit for either.  Same goes for the wild-fires or the heroine.

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