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DQB2 How do I recreate this late-game effect?

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I'm sorry, I don't know what the spoilers policy is here. I have a question about recreating a neat effect I saw late in the game.  I'm hiding it under a spoiler tag, so hopefully, you won't read it unless you have beaten the game or are not afraid of spoilers.


I want to recreate the neat glowing walls in the first workshop you come to in the Malhala mission.  They have lead-glass windows, iron walls, red-colored lightboxes and most importantly (to me), they are filled with plasma.  I tore down the entire workshop in my game, so I don't know how to go back or to see it again.  I noticed the tainted-glass windows also had lightboxes behind them, which made them glow, which was neat, but I'm specifically trying the create the ones that had plasma behind them in the workshop (where you find N04H and 2 furnaces).

Has anybody tried to recreate these in their game, or do you have access to it to see how it was done?

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