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Red Dragon

Pillars of Eternity II (PC Version)

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I recommend reading the 1st game review first, and playing the first game first.

Graphics - B+ - It's similar to PoE1, but slightly better. Slightly above average RPG graphics.

Story and Atmosphere - A- - Equal to the original. Not quite Ultima VII or Dragon's Age or DQIV level, but it is very good. There is some customization with backgrounds which isn't the easiest to do in a direct sequel. Your HQ(s) here unlike the original is a ship. You lose your castle for reasons you see early on and are on a ship. There are ship combats as well, which take some time and money/resources to master.  A few old timers are back, along with new party members. Some things carry over, but not everything does. I like the rivalries and navigating the factions. Like in real life, you can't please everybody. There is a way however to say "screw you all, I'm doing it my way" which I found satisfying.

Length - C+ - Slightly longer than the first. It starts to drag a little at the end, but generally kept my interest until the end. The last 10 hours or so really dragged. I blame the damn level cap. I tend to be a completionist, but it's not worth doing if I don't gain levels from it. 3 DLC's are included. I recommend 1, if that. 3 are too many, and the level caps ruin one of them, maybe 2.

Difficulty A- - Adjustable. You can play on easy mode or almost impossible. The sequel is easier than the first game outside of possibly the ship combats. There are also indicators about difficulty spikes. I think the Titan in the desert is one of the toughest battles, although less so once you level up and take the right team with you.  Money is scarce early, but becomes easy to get later. Ship upgrades are going to be your biggest cost until about 2/3 in. Galleons are a must.

Combat and Play Control (PC)  - B - Easy for me to work with for the most part. I like the turn based addition tot his game. The downgrade is the damn level cap. I was about 3/4 done when I maxed out with everybody including the DLC specific folks.

Beginnings and Endings - B - Nothing special, but nothing with a real sour taste in my mouth.

Bugs - B+ - I had one hiccup crash at sea.

Price - C+ - The game and both of the expansions/DLC were under $35. DLC wasn't IMO worth it. It would be if the level cap was reasonable.

Overall - B - It's a good game. I prefer it to the original, but at the same time it makes the original better.


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