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Dragon Quest Monsters Caravan Heart Cheats?

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I found these on a quick search


lets you sell 99 of the top item in your sell list

9999 EXP per fight, if you exceed 9999 exp by fighting say 2 monsters that give alot of default exp the number may be reduce to about 3000-5000

monster 1 999 hp

monster 2 999 hp

monster 3 999 hp

monster 1 999 mp

monster 2 999 mp

monster 3 999 mp

cart 1 99 weight

cart 2 99 weight

cart 3 99 weight

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I've been looking for cheats myself, but haven't found one to stop random encounters. Mind you, I don't even know if such a cheat exists for this game. 

However, the 9999 xp per battle seems too good to be true for me hehe. I'll be sure to use right away! 

EDIT: bollocks. The xp code doesn't seem to work on my emulator.

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