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The Dragon Quest Hero will arrive in Challenger Pack 2 for Super Smash Bros. This comes with the hero, the Yggdrasil’s Altar stage, and orchestrated music tracks from the Dragon Quest series. Alternate costumes let him look like the heroes from Dragon Quest III, Dragon Quest IV, Dragon Quest VIII, and Dragon Quest XI S. He can use spells like Frizz, Woosh, and Zap and wields a sword and shield.

Hero's fan names from the video

hero names.jpg


Yggdrasil's Altar Stage

yggdrasil's altar stage.jpg

Music Tracks

music tracks.jpg


Additional DLC Mii Costumes - They are Veronica from DQ11, Erdrick’s armour from DQ1, the male and female Martial Artist outfits from Dragon Quest 3, and a Slime hat. Each costume set (and the Slime hat by itself) will be $.75 each.

mii costume erdrick.jpgmii costume martial artist.jpgmii costume slime hat.jpgmii costume veronica.jpg



Reveal video on the Den's YouTube page -



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1 hour ago, DrippySlimeStar said:

A whole $3 for Mii costumes?!?! Remember when you bought a game back in the day and you got the whole thing? Greed is ruining gaming!!! :P

These will be the only Mii costumes I buy for Ultimate. The only ones I bought for Smash 4 were the Chocobo Hat and the Geno hat/costume since I bought the bundle at the time Cloud released. Otherwise I didn’t buy any of the other Mii outfits.

God I wish the Geno outfit was back for Smash Ultimate. I doubt he’ll be a playable character (but I very well could be proven wrong given the DLC thus far) so having his costume back would be really nice. Ah well. We have all these lovely Dragon Quest related Mii outfits, so Imma show my support for Dragon Quest and buy them. The Slime hat will be perfect for my Mii fighter.

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