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So I've been drawing more lately and I think I've genuinely improved since when I first started out? Idk, I've been drawing dragons more recently since  o o f my dragons are absolutely horrible half the time, but recently they don't look as bad as I thought?

Here's some of the art so far:


I drew Maribel Mayde as a SkyWing from Wings of Fire, and honestly I think it fits, in a way?


Then I drew my OC Holly Crowe as a HiveWing, which is my current avatar atm :P


And this was a random doodle of a kitty.

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Oof I made more of the Dragon Quest characters as dragons (specifically the dragon tribes in Wings of Fire)


Auster / Arus as a NightWing because simply, I liked the design though it could fit


Kiefer as a SkyWing-IceWing hybrid because I honestly couldn't choose between the two, and it sort of fits? Idk


And Gabo / Ruff as a RainWing-MudWing hybrid because simply, I couldn't fit him into just one category :P

I might draw some more of these for more practice drawing dragons, though I think I'll eventually do some digital art of them as humans

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So I did some more of these:


Aria / Aishe as a SilkWing


Melvin / Sir Mervyn as a SandWing-SeaWing combo, I might edit it later when I have the time though

I think I might do the cast of another game in the series next, idk but that's probably what I'll end up doing

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I actually had an idea for a design for both the Hammerhood and Brownie enemies as cats, so I decided to draw them in one sitting :P





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