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Some really massive in scope building projects

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Easily the most impressive building I've seen yet, at least for the game story chapters.  I'm assuming that after finishing the game, returning to those chapters saves after beating them allows access to recipes that chapter doesn't ordinarily allow, or does Terra Incognita include all of the story areas?

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On 7/8/2019 at 6:23 AM, Plattym3 said:

That level of detail is insane.

I know, right?  The cavern areas as well, the detailed stalagmites and stalagtites, and that she used Obsidian for most of them.  That's a lot of gathering.  Very easy in Act 3 with the cannons, but Acts 1 and 2?  I have to wonder if she expanded the final act any further beyond that point, but it definitely gave me some great ideas for building up my own Tantagel after having access to Steel Doors.

Cantlin though?  I mean my God.  Apparently she just raided everything present, so I'm still unsure of how she managed to get those extra roofing tiles.  Unless the large Golems drop them at random (I mean they do seem to drop like 8+ other craftsman items...I've gotten tubs, beds, doors, and I forget what else).

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