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Favorite Jobs and Weapons?

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So as I go through leveling each job a bit to get skill points, it got me wondering what jobs and weapon types you guys are enjoying using the most. Guess I can start us off with my top 3 favorites.


1. Gladiator (great swords) - Really love being able to have such a wide variety of melee skills at my disposal along with being able to boost my tension and buff my own attack power. So far in my own experience this deals significantly more damage than anything else, but it can be quite fragile. I actually really like dual wielding but found it to just be inferior to great swords in almost every way so I ended up just sticking to great swords for this job. I've read that they get weaker towards end game content because they die too easily and as a result warriors are sometimes preferred instead. However my highest level is only 88 right now so I haven't been able to see how accurate this is or not.


2. Armamentalist (sword + shield) - This class starts out slow and not the most fun, but once you get enough point to get force break and max swords out at the same time, it becomes a blast. Force break + weakness element + damage buff = an insane damage boost to your whole party, including yourself. Not to mention you can restore MP and can have some nice defense too if you get enough points to add shield skills in. This is one class that the AI also doesn't do a very good job with, and is much more powerful in a player character's hand. I find that the AI will often not restore MP when I need it to, will use force break before it applies elemental damage to weapons, and doesn't always buff damage in the order I wish it would, and sometimes ignores speed buffs altogether. However when you can do all these things the right way yourself you significantly increase the strength of your team. 


3. Sage (boomerang + shield) - I enjoy the versatility of this quite a lot. Admittedly rods will give you higher magic attack, but I feel like boomerangs just provide some nice extra flavor in between magic attacks and help you deal more damage on enemies that have high magic resist. They're just a lot of fun to use, and helps make the sage feel even more like a jack of all trades. The shield can also help boost up your survivability in some situations. 


My only real problem is just spending gold on orbs to rearrange points when I want to switch classes for a while. 

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For my main classes, I use the following:

Battlemaster - Dual One-Handed Swords 

I have a crit-focused build, so I use two of the level 90 Falcon Swords and can out DPS Tenka Musou usually, at least the last time I checked.

Mage, Druid - Two Handed Wand

Not much to say here, it’s pretty standard for the classes.

Magic Knight - Varies

My “main” class (hard to say that anymore with how infrequently I use it lately), I tend to change weapons a lot, though the most frequently uses are:

Bow - Seems to have the best DPS of the weapons for MK, and keeps me at a distance, so this is my go-to.

One-Handed Sword and Shield - I use this mostly for Giga Slash/Break, since bows lack a multi-enemy attack.

Two-Handed Wand - Mostly if I’m playing around with Madante, as the extra MP makes it stronger.


Don’t worry, eventually you’ll get enough skill points to setup several classes and weapons, so you won’t need to reset as often.  My advice is to put your Master Skill Points into the class-specific skills, to maximize your available SP for weapons.

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