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Dragon Quest Monsters 2 3DS Info Updated

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Thanks to mjhopkins81 for playing 300+ hours of Dragon Quest Monsters 2 for 3DS and gathering a King Slime load of information. Monster info, egg info, area info, etc.

I have added the following sections to the DQM2 3DS section.

Area Guide
Dream Eggs List
Eggs List
Mini Medal Rewards
Monster Arena
Monster List
Scout Q

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On 6/26/2019 at 12:46 PM, cprmauldin said:

Hmmm... maybe I should finally play this. I only beat the first one. 


I'm gonna head over to Amazon and check out prices. 

I do believe it can be acquired rather cheaply used at Amazon (which is how I got my copy), although last time I checked, $50-ish is what the recommended price was for new specimens.

It's honestly my favourite out of all the Monsters games since vanilla!Joker 2, so I do recommend you check it out, if you have a Japanese region 3DS or its variations over the years.

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It's actually really good timing for me as I started playing it again after finishing the Joker3 fantranslation. Definitely my favorite of the 3DS Monsters games (though I'm decidedly biased.) The section's been a great help to me already, though there's a couple things I'd like to see added if possible. (Maybe once I have a better grasp on Japanese I could help? The game's gotten me wanting to learn again, hmhm)

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