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DQMJ2 - Am I doing something wrong with tag mode?

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So I am playing DQMJ2 to craft Rigor Mortex; however I know it's not the greatest monster around so I have been tagging its most important materials (Zenith Dragon, Rhapthorne 2, Sagittar, Gem Slime, Dragovian Lord) and today just around 5 hours ago I did the latter two, the Gem Slime and Dragovian Lord, without a hitch. However, I am trying to tag the Great Godbird I made and nothing's coming up. I am using a DS my sister owns that I have never used and I am still getting no connection, it's just on the connecting thing for several minutes on end. Is there a reason it's not working? Is it because I am doing it at night in already a kinda crappy internet area? Did I reach a limit to how much I can tag? Thanks in advance.

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Tagging is weird, as it tracks systems. You can only tag a particular system once. So let's say you have a blue ds, a red one. Blue and Red tag like normal, and that would be how you can get two monsters. Then, you can actually switch the cartridges and tag again. And get two more Monsters. But let's say you bring in a third, black DS. If you try to tag again, it'll only go one way.

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