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Dragon Quest VI DS Helmet, Shield, Armor, Accessory, Forge Cost Info Updated

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Thanks to dochalkos for sending me lists of missing data for Dragon Quest VI DS. :thumbsup:

I have updated the lists for Helmet, Shield, and Armor and added the Accessory list (was missing before). Missing info was like buy prices, sell prices, who can equip, where found, description.

Also added a list for Cost to Forge items that can be upgraded.


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From the info that dochalkos has sent me, I have added a list of cursed items and a list of items with Style Boosts (positive and negative).

Style Boosting Items

Cursed Items

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13 hours ago, Plattym3 said:

Odd the cursed items list just redirected me to a picture of the game itself. emoji12.png

I thought this would be your cursed image Cursed or this Cursed 2

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