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Drawing DQ Characters as Cats

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And from other fandoms. Because I'm bored and it's going to be a long summer break for me, so why not? :P I'm just going to try drawing random characters and monsters from the Dragon Quest series as cats because it's easier to draw cats but I'm also practicing drawing. I'm just going to put all the characters I've drawn so far underneath a spoiler for convenience. (I'll take requests for Dragon Quest characters/monsters, but don't expect me to get on them right away unless I have sudden bursts of inspiration)

Les images~



Auster / Arus, Hero of Dragon Quest VII (Catsona: scrawny black tom with dark green eyes)

(Personally, I see Auster as a scrawny black tom as he's described as scrawny in-game and black fur because that is the color of his hair; and with dark green eyes to incorporate his green outfit. Blue is the background due to his heritage.)


Prince Kiefer (Dragon Quest VII) (Catsona: Flame point tabby tom with light blue eyes)

(I can see this because one of Kiefer's moves that he learns in the game is Flame Slash, which is where I got the idea of him possibly being a flame point if he was a cat. I used cream for the base color because it kind of resembles his fur, since yellow can also be considered cream? And tabby stripes because technically, all cream and ginger cats are tabbies. Light blue eyes to match his eye color in the game.)


I'll probably be drawing these at random, but I want to try and aim for finishing most of the DQVII and DQV cast since I've been playing those two on and off lately along with Pokemon Y.

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