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help a brother with a gamesavedata

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hi guys i lost all my data because my ps4 just erased everything in the sistem i got no plus at the moment so no cloudsavedata so i just ask for a save game that have 30-40 hours in i  dont care if its pc or ps4 i think i was in this part exactly: L'Academie de Notre Maitre les Medailles.,so any near savegame from this point would be helpful thanks guys..

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EU or US?  Steam it doesn't matter, but it does for PS4.

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I have two saves that are possible to use, but they're in Gondolia, Act 1.  That's a fair bit behind.  Their levels are normal, though their play time is rather high (all of my playthroughs are for FAQ purposes, so lots of testing stuff at various intervals).  They also have draconian settings active (No Fleeing, No Armour, Reduced EXP, Shypox).

However a few questions for you first:

1) Do you recall if you were in Act 1 (you're still in the quest to get the Orbs to get to Yggdrasil)?  Or in the next Act (you'd know, some major things happen that are world changing events that trigger Act 2).

2) Do you have the ability to rename your Hero?  If not what name would you like?  What name did you go by?

3) Did you complete every quest up to that point?

4) Did you have any Draconian Quest settings on?

5) Did you collect data for all monsters in every area (just one battle per is enough)?

6) Do you recall what your general levels were?  40 is a rather high clock time assuming you're in Act 1 for that point in the game (most players would be around 25 hours).  The main reason I asked about your Act is that by 40 hours it's more likely you'd be in Act 2 and just getting to the Academie.  However if you're the more leisurely type or OCD type, then 40 hours is fairly normal at that stage, in Act 1.

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Nevermind.  That's too long to wait for a response.  I'll just get my level 19 save at Gondolia through to the Mermaid Harp and park it in the Medal place, then rip and post a link.

It might be anywhere from 3 to 10 days.  Sorry, I had more free time earlier had you been around to comment.

If you don't want to wait for me:


You'll need to make an account there, but it's a very useful site (biggest one for general save files).  Luckily most are NTSC saves.  Not many EU.
Here's another:


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