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I have completed everything but I cannot find this QR code anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find it? Thank you in advance

😎 Installing Official Update v1.1

a) Launch FBI on your 3DS, and the load the 3ds title keys site on your PC/Phone


b) Search for 0004000e0016ad00, and then click the "QR Code" Icon for the "Patch". The name should be "更新データ Ver. 1.1 DQM ジョーカー3" and it is serial "CTR-U-BJ3J"


c) Within FBI, launch the "Remote Install > Scan QR Code" feature, and scan the QR Code. It will prompt you to install titles from the CDN (answer yes to all).


d) You should now be able to launch version 1.1 of DQM Joker 3 in english, enjoy!
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I believe that option no longer works so you will have to find the update elsewhere.

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