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So, I played through this game a while back and finished the main story line (this final boss was easily the hardest of all the Joker games). However, I played the game in Japanese and I want to finish the post-game but I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

I'm at the part where you're in a room (space shuttle-like) with three doors, each one with a diamond of a different colour in the middle. Behind each door is a path to a boss monster. I've unlocked two of the doors where I fought palette swaps of the Metal Goddess Slime and Poseidon. The last door has a green diamond in the middle of it and I believe a palette swap of the Liege Lizard lies behind it. However, I don't know what events triggered the first two doors to open and I'm lost at how to open the third. Could someone please tell me how to open this door so that I can fight the boss?

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