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Insanely overleveled or simply overleveled?

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Curious to see what y'all would think, but would my team be considered insanely overleveled or simply overleveled (as of now) in my current Dragon Quest 5 game? As of now I just completed the Abovitall Tower and about to fight the Faux Dowager, and I'm thinking of grinding some more because I simply just like grinding for the fun of it. Here's my current team and their equipment:

Silver (Hero) - Level 23 - Metal king sword - Iron armour - Iron shield - Iron helmet - Crude image

Harry - Level 23 - Gringham whip - Iron armour - Iron shield - Iron helmet

Jayie (Grudgerigar) - Level 15 - Edged boomerang - Iron cuirass - Pointy hat

Topaz (Restless armour) - Level 13 - Metal king sword - Iron armour - Iron shield - Iron helmet

Steve (Slime knight) - Level 18 - (Had the Metal king sword but gave to Topaz) - (Had the Iron armour but gave to Topaz) - Iron shield - (Had the Iron helmet but gave to Topaz)

Hatchet (Brownie) - Level 14 - Stone axe - Iron cuirass - Iron shield - Iron helmet

If it helps, I currently have 228,487 casino tokens and 15,811 gold coins carried and 17,000 gold banked (32,811 total), which I plan on putting a good chunk of the carried gold into the bank before fighting the Faux Dowager.

So...would you say I'm just overleveled or insanely overleveled?

I was so hecking tempted to grind to level 30 but I didn't

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On 4/21/2019 at 3:02 PM, JaybirdC said:

I will say you're overleveled, but I can't tell how much since I haven't played the game in ages.

We should all like to grind for the fun of it.

Yeah, I thought as much XP

I'm probably going to check the manual I have to see what the "recommended level" is to see how much higher my current levels are in the game compared to it even though I don't really trust the guide's "recommended levels" all that much

EDIT: Apparently it's 15. Huh.

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