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Joker 2 Online Play has been Revived! Thanks to Wiimmfi!

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For those who aren't aware, Wiimmfi is a project from a group of talented/passionate developers that are striving to revive wifi functionality for Wii/DS games. Mostly known for their work with Mario Kart Wii, there are now plenty of games getting the same treatment, most recently DQMJ2!

DQMJ2 just went into public testing about a week ago, and is avalible for anyone interested to use! At the moment, the wifi tourniment doesn't work (I'm guessing that required a specially build server), but wifi battles with friends and random players is fully functional.

For anyone interested, it's actually really simple to set up these days. It doesn't require an AR/patch or anything, just setting up your DS wifi settings. Here's a video that goes over how to set it up. 


Even though the game's pretty old at this point, it's really exciting to see a game I loved given a breath of life like this. 

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That is pretty cool, thanks for sharing :)

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