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Dragon Quest Your Story Trailer

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Good question. I never played the SNES version of V, I didn't even know he died earlier than in the DS version. 

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On 6/26/2019 at 10:16 AM, Shun 'Kanamee said:

I think the movie would work best split in three, given it takes place across 3 arcs and that can help flesh out the childhood arc, but I agree that it should be split up in some form to help keep the characters fleshed out

Since this is based on the original, does that mean Gema/Ladja will be killed in the Dragon Tower? Or do you think they will still bring him up to Evil Mountain/Mount Zugzwang given I hear he is pretty popular.

There's nowhere near enough content for 3 movies.  2, yes.  Childhood is roughly 30 minutes of actual movie-time without really stretching things out, or creating backstory like the start of Ladja, or how Papas begins his quest and the abduction of Martha, birth of the main character.  That would distract from the main focus of the movie.

Personally I strongly dislike this.  I'm going to avoid this movie like the plague.  It's too goofy for me.

The way Madason cries over his father is unrealistic and overdone.  It looks like a comical anime rather than a serious story.  I get that Dragon Quest is lighthearted, but tragic with lighthearted overtones is not the same as goofy.  The facial expressions of Gema are just beyond the pale.  His lips and tongue stretch so far beyond what would be normal, it looks ridiculous.

When Dragon Quest anime's were crafted, each and every one of them took the stories seriously, with the lighthearted elements used as undertones to very dire situations to add a hint of extra depth to them.  As a result they're great anime's.  This is like taking the rug out under all of that, and tossing precedent into a pit of lava.

Surprisingly, I am not bothered by the artistic style moving away from Toriyama, though it doesn't look right given just how far removed.  It doesn't feel or look like Dragon Quest V.  More like a fanboy creation with high quality tools like Maya 3D, and lots of time.  The more I rewatch the current trailer, the more it bothers me.  Especially Nera's pig-nosed face.  I'm assuming the idea is to make her physically less appealing to audiences, so there's more desire to see Bianca win over the Hero.  She looks so unappealing by comparison, it's kind of odd given the original story paints her as such a desired beauty that men all over the world want her hand in marriage (not just access to Briscotelli's money).  Though in a movie that makes sense, it's just another piece of hay thrown in a pile on what to me should be a gem.

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