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Should I play this game?

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* Sorry for bad English / Grammer *

Hello everybody, I'm just came back just recently and I wanted to know if I should play this game.

I know there's alot of DQ games but I never play any of it except the Joker series and this game is the latest one?

I need to know what this game is like and is there any fun stuff in it.

I don't mind a little spoiler, I just need some motivation from you guys to play this game.

I don't wanna watch any trailer or gameplay.

*omg my english is so bad*



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Hi I recently started playing all of the DQ's because 11 was my first. The game is pretty enjoyable. It's a slow burn but in a good way. The summary is you basically play as a luminary to fight off the dark lord. If you've played DQ 1-3 those could essentially mean something of importance to you. My favorite character was Erik. Not only for his personality but because he is super OP when you have him in your party for farming metal slimes. You should really try it. I played it on ps4 and played literally nothing else until i finished it. The investment into the story is definitely worth it.

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DQ11 was technically my second DQ because my first was DQ1 on mobile. 

"Slow burn" is an understatement. The only way to avoid burnout, in my opinion, is to not play 10 hours a day for days (like I did). A good metric of daily or bi-daily progress is to finish an arc a day. And by arc I mean visiting a new area -> see what gives -> do whatever you have to. 

Think of it like you're watching Pokemon or any cartoon show where the characters visit an area, something happens and they proceed to solve it.

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