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IV V and VI Book of Beasts

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Hey guys I was picking up my Dragon Quest games again and I wanted to fully complete the Book of Beasts for each game. I'm having some trouble though. I looked up monster location lists and sometimes they are not accurate or the monsters are stated to be there only at some generation specifically, and I am beyond end game for all of the games.

So for Dragon Quest V I found a small loophole for some of the generation locked monsters. The TNT boards have monsters that equal the level of the one playing so I got some of the lower generation monsters by playing TNT with low level monsters. The book is almost 100% complete except for the chest and pot monsters, I don't know where to find more. There were only like 2 urnexpected in the game so if I didn't manage to steal their item then I will never get the drop item listed in the book. Is there anywhere where I can encounter the canniboxes and urnexpected types of monsters repeatedly in V?


Dragon Quest IV doesn't have TNT boards and I can't just pick up a random low level monster to do them either. The monsters are totally different in the final generation so I can't find some of the lower level monsters like the winkster. Are all the monsters available anywhere in the end game chapter? If so is there a list somewhere that states where I can find them?


Dragon Quest VI I haven't gotten far enough in the search to find any monsters that don't seem to appear anywhere. But as a tip you can possibly speed up getting the items by having everyone in the thief class when you are trying to complete the book. Are there any monsters that are hard to find or unavailable at the end game?

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I believe V is the only one with permanently missable monsters and I believe only 2 of them (both are ocean monsters that are also somewhat rare in the 2nd generation that you are super likely to miss unless you specifically hunt for them)

For DQIV, the overworld changes from chapter to chapter but the early game dungeons don't (unless the plot calls for you to revisit it later, I can't recall any dungeons like this off the top of my head though). I don't believe any of these are missable.

As for DQVI, I think your only concern would be the few dungeons you can't re-enter when you finish up the plot, but I don't believe there are any monsters that are only found in these locations. Literally no where actually changes the encounters like the other 2 games though.

DQV is the only one I have actually researched this stuff on, but I have completed all 3 books, minus filling out the loot tables (that's just tedious)

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