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Tombola Dragon Quest II

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Hey guys just started plating the mobile versions of dragon quest. Just beat DQ 1 yesterday. I noticed some changes from the game boy version, but overall the graphics and the accurate naming for monsters and stuff may make it a better version in my opinion. I was hoping they would keep all the stuff they added to the game boy one, but they didn't. Anyways back to topic. I got Dragon Quest II and I am trying to do the tombola to get the loyalty card. In brief it's a pain. I found this on game faqs, but it's not quite getting the job done. I think like a timer would help me. So if anyone has a timer for it or any suggestions I would be very thankful. I'm also going to post a few questions for the ds games soon. Here is what I found on game faqs in case it might help anyone.

" It can be done, and while the timing can be tricky, it's reproducible. Each slot has different amounts of icons and move at different speeds. The sun icon will serve as your main point of reference, with the moon icon being the second. A good trick is to have a few tombola tickets at a time, and then save scum with quick save. Also be warned that once you get the loyalty card, merchants don't really hand out tombola tickets anymore. Also, I didn't include the prayer ring because this version of the game is incredibly generous with them. If I do add it, it will be in another post.

Loyalty Card-The Rising Suns
--Timing on Slot 1: The sun will pass, a moon will pass, and then tap the screen roughly an icon before the second moon. This slot seems to be the most generous when awarding the sun.
--Timing on Slot 2: There are two suns, There's the first, and one that shortly follows after. Tap the screen at least an icon before the second sun, and it should come up.
--Timing on Slot 3: This is brutal because there are a lot of icons, and it goes really fast. Once the sun passes by, a moon will quickly follow and then a second moon spins by. Try your very best to tap the screen on the second moon, and if your timing is great, you've got it.

Wizard's Wand-Shooting the Moons
--Timing on Slot 1: Between the sun and the first moon, there's a star. Aim for that. If you have to err on timing, make it late.
--Timing on Slot 2: There are two suns, There's the first, and one that shortly follows after. After the second sun a star comes up quickly. Aim for it, but be earlier.
--Timing on Slot 3: This is brutal because there is a lot of speed. Between the sun and the first moon is one icon (I believe a heart) If you tap the screen pretty much perfectly there, you'll get the last mon.

Banishing Bell-Every Drop of Water
--Timing on Slot 1: Aim for just before the third moon.
--Timing on Slot 2: There are two suns, There's the first, and one that shortly follows after. Aim to tap the star after the first sun.
--Timing on Slot 3: This is brutal because there is a lot of speed. Aim to tap the third moon.

Medical Herb-Desired as much as Captain Planet's Heart Ring
--Timing: Mash and you'll eventually get it. If you want one so bad, just go buy one. Especially if you have a loyalty card, you cheapskate.

With strong reflexes and a little bit of luck, it's more than possible to get the loyalty card before you recruit the Princess. This post will eventually be locked from time on a slow board, but if this works for you, please PM me to let me know if it helped. I've helped myself, and I hope someone else out there can use this knowledge to score themselves some cheap goods. "

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