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Unlocking DLC and other Wifi dependant content

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So I know that years ago Nintendo shut down the Wifi network for DS games which makes accessing the content the requires wifi inaccessible except for the fact that all of it is already on the cartridge and the wifi stuff just unlocks it.So I know about the existence of the save editor and the various tools used to extract the save data so it can be edit or other means of unlocking the content,but my question is.


Which option is the best and safest to do with risking bricking my game,system or PC ?

Keep in mind that I am running on Windows 10 64-bit. I would hate to have to buy another copy of the game and hope it has the content unlocked,not to mention that wouldn't help with some of the other stuff.On top of that I don't know off any other DQ fan near me here in Rhode Island plus I don't many options or opportunities to venture far from home anyway.If I have to use a computer that doesn't use Windows 64 Bit,I can probably try at my city's Public library if I have to but I don't to brick a PC.

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