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At 16:23 I beat the starry night tournament with a SpotKing (Slib), Roboster (Ross), Whipbird (Whip). I have now beat the Monster Master tamer at 23:45 with a Kingleo (BOSS), and a Goldslime (Slib, as poetic justice Slib has been apart of a long +18 breeding tree and finally reached his final form a Goldslime!) I hadn’t killed any Legacy/Postgame bosses before I beat the master which I just attempted and won with only 2 monsters! So, my new goals are to beat all travelers gates and make every monster. Then my plans after that is to move on to the second game and do the same. Another funny thing was I made a MetalKing around 5:26 but it was to hard to level so I made it into a spotking and eventually got HellBlast and Ironize for him, discovering making boss monsters before the 2nd floor of gates is a terrible idea.

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