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Looking for exact measurements for posters and manuals

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Hey guys, so I'm planning on making some repro manuals for my copies of Dragon Warrior III for GBC and Dragon Warrior IV for NES using files here on the Den.  My only concern is that I want the print to be exactly the right size.  Could somebody who owns the original pull out a tape measure and report on what size they should be?  Would really appreciate it. 


I'm looking for measurements in cm on:

Dragon Warrior III GBC - Instruction booklet and included double sided poster

Dragon Warrior IV NES - Explorer's handbook instruction booklet, overworld map, 

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I don't have Dragon Warrior III GBC's booklet.  I lacked funds at the time, so I had to purchase it much later used.

Dragon Warrior IV NES Manual:

4 and 9/16 " W  x  6 and 3/4 " H

Dragon Warrior IV NES Map:

20 and 5/16 " W  x  13 and 7/16 " H

In case you're curious, the enemy + item data fold out:

just shy of 20 and 1/4 " W  x  13 and 7/16 " H

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That's helpful, thank you!

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No problemo!

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