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Steam + AppLocale + Game with Launcher

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Hello! I recently got back into Dragon Quest X. This game oft requires typing in Japanese, both for chat with other players and occasionally for quests. Even with the language bar and the Windows Japanese IME set up, the game does not recognize Japanese text input unless the computer's locale is set to Japan, or the game is run with AppLocale set to emulate a Japanese environment.


So far, I can use Steam/Steam Big Picture to run the game through AppLocale - either by directing Steam to an AppLocale shortcut, or a batch file that runs the game through AppLocale. However, either way Steam immediately loses focus on the game as it cannot hook into AppLocale or the Dragon Quest X launcher. This causes an issue for me as I use Steam to map my controllers, and Windows can't seem to recognize anything but an XBox One controller (presumably XBox 360 controllers work too, mine are all in storage) unless the program is launched through Steam, or I disable mapping support for the controller type in Steam entirely (this is do-able, but it's a pain in the a*s as I have to switch it back to play any other game). I'd rather use ANY OTHER CONTROLLER that I own to play DQX than an XBox One controller - they're decent controllers, but there's better and I like to play DQ with the Japanese standard / "Nintendo" button layout which feels rather awkward with the XBox One any XBox controller.


I have confirmed that Steam CAN pass it's hook from DQX's Launcher to the actual game client, if I don't run it through AppLocale.

Changing my computer's locale setting is out of the question.

I've tried mapping Steam's Desktop configuration for my controllers to just the controller buttons, but nothing (I've tried with a few emulators and other native Windows games) receives XInput from Steam unless I launch it through Steam. I'm curious as to why this doesn't work anymore - this is exactly what I did to solve this issue when I first started playing Dragon Quest X a few years ago. I would also use this for any other games that Steam couldn't hook into.


Any suggestions?


EDIT: It appears I never mentioned specified what controller I'm trying to use. Ideally I'd like to use the Switch Pro controller for the game, though DualShock 4 is also an option (especially once I get my hands on the Slime DS4).

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