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DQH2 Story Thread *SPOILERS*

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So I finally beat the game and felt like discussing the story. Not to analyze it, though -- the story's too thin for that, dancing around the ideas of kingship and prophecy without really examining them, outside of a briefly initiated and dismissed "are we wrong for fighting the prophecy?"

The legacy characters are the best part, and the game was quite smart to set up relationships between the characters from multiple games (though not sufficiently, I think it's fair to say -- I'd loved to have seen more of Carver & Maribel in particular). Cesar has a fair-to-middling character arc, which is nice.

It trips at the ending, though, punting the original story into the distance and abandoning a plot about investigating the cause of multiple wars and a certain mysterious seer in favor of the sudden fulfillment of a prophecy and a metric ship-ton of lore. There's no real set up for the sudden interest in all things twinned, and I'm annoyed with how the game introduces a certain King of Accordia's twin (introducing new characters at the beginning of a story or arc is just fine and natural -- introducing new characters at the ending, not so much), especially considering it comes with a change in motive and goal for the King himself. Fun boss fight, though; one of my favorites. I do think this might have been saved, mostly by expanding the final arc into a few more story arcs (and a retool of a few things, admittedly) -- the gameplay-to-story ratio nearly capsizes, giving you nothing to sink your teeth into until the final boss.

I have mixed feelings about Fractos, who is overflowing with style (the voice acting in the game is all around solid, but Fractos' delivery is one of my favorites; if he weren't a consummately evil fellow, I'd like to have him for a friend), but who must carry the shame of architecting the lousy ending. He also carries some weird, underexplored ideas about his own appearance, given he knowingly is an ex-human and considers his transformed monster self beautiful, which last point has no real bearing on anything and makes me wonder why the game brings it up.

...Okay, so there's some analysis here. Leave me alone, I can't help it!

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The legacy characters are the best part,

That's why they made these games!

But I didn't enjoy it in DQB2. Not at all. I played my 50ish hours with the 4 characters introduced in the game and had myself an awesome time. I never used legacy characters when I wasn't forced to. I did in DQHTWTWATBB all the time, not really liking the new characters in thst one outside the 2 main protagonists. But for some reason, I wasn't feeling them in DQH2. Partly I think it's the voice acting. I just don't like some of the voices for characters that have never been voiced before. Alena? Don't like it. I've played DQIV more than any other DQ game and she's my favorite, but I choose to ignore the DS version's making her Russian so the voice acting doesn't match what's been in my head 25 years so it's Meh. Also, I don't like the play style of many of the legacy people. I like my swords, axes, and bows. So, again I reference Alena, I don't want close-in comabt. Jessica and whips I didn't want to play with. Maribel is my mortal enemy and Taloon didn't seem quick enough to me. I just didn't want them in my ARPG, I wanted my new people.

Story-wise, I've already forgotten. You bring up some decent points but I really don't follow plot lines too well, I'll admit I'm a surface level player.
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Don't worry about forgetting DQH2's story, DQH2 did it first.

On 1/26/2019 at 10:00 PM, Plattym3 said:

I don't want close-in comabt.

Yeah, I had that problem, too. I vastly preferred characters with ranged abilities in both games and to send close combat characters up into the fray as support, which I do because it's simply more comfortable a playstyle (also, ranged characters tend to have better Area of Effect attacks), though I ended up swinging around to Alena and Terry in DQH's postgame when it became apparent I needed them for sheer DPS reasons (which is what I have Carver doing in DQH2). I'm actually pretty fond of Maribel, even if she comes from a game that was never released. I think I just have myself trained to be more tolerant of tsunderes, prototypical or otherwise.

DQH1's PCs were better than DQH2's, if only for the fact that their personalities were deliberately designed for the game and story. DQH2 takes the same archetypes, weakens them, makes them less important to the story, and swaps the associated sex. As far as the original NPCs go, however, I have to give it to DQH2, if only because of Cesar and his character arc. (I do miss King Doric, though; he was great to play with).

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Rereading my contribution to Plattym's crowd-sourced Heroes research, I received some inspiration regarding how the game could largely keep the same sequence of events while actually integrating both parts of the story. Rather than the Twin Kings showing up all of a sudden and announcing "To heck with it, we're taking over the world, and we're doing it now", there could be a way to implement this while preserving the original mystery. The idea that occurs to me is to have the King of Accordia with the people in the middle of the festival when all of a sudden the Pinnacle of Peace starts spewing dark energy (from the corrupted Cup of Kings) and all the monsters goes berserk again, ensuing in the fight to climb the pinnacle and then finding, at the top, the actual King of Accordia with the corrupted Cup of Kings, opening up on the twins theme. Then you could've had the battle.

I don't quite know yet how the seer who's been going around and manipulating all the rulers should have been handled. In the game Fractos just goes, "Oh, yeah, that was all me," which was terribly unfulfilling and didn't actually build on anything (the first part of the game is mostly "about" how people can be mislead and manipulated, ranging from tremendous overconfidence to booby-trapped gifts). I also don't know what to do with the final arc and the dark world, but a couple of ideas occur to me that it might be that some of the lingering ghosts should be convinced Unos did it and saving the reveal of Fractos for later. I should come back to this idea.

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