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Bug in DW4 disable tactics codes by DWEdit

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Lo. I got me a Snes classic (well 2 snes classics and 1 nes classic and 1 playstation classic.) and I used hakchi2 to load DW4 with the below game genie codes hardcoded.

Everything seemed fine with disabling tactics with "Try out" (well except for inconsistent spell screen flashes, donno what's up with that) until I met up with Chaos dolls in chapter 5. If a character got confused and took a turn the game crashed with a C7 error. I tested out picking "Use no mp" tactic but had the same issue, so I thought it was nintendo's emulator, clover-kachikachi-wr. So I spent considerable time figuring out how to load the save to NEStopia. But after all that it still crashes, except this time it's a blank screen and a hum if I recall correctly.

So then I thought that maybe it's the codes. So I loaded a clean DW4 rom with the same savestate I was using. I went to Santeem (yeah I used the classic name, suck it 8-4) with the Hero by herself and then her and Brey and neither getting confused crashed the game.

My theory (guess) is that since you can't get confused in chapter 1-4 (I think) the command input you use does not have a corresponding confuse override. The calling of the confuse routine that does not exist causes the crash.

I did not try the following code listed on gamefaqs, though:




DWEdit post below:

The game checks the chapter number at various times to determine whether you have control of your party or not. It also uses the same check to determine if the Change Tactics menu item should exist.
So I changed the code to use the selected tactics to determine party control instead of chapter number.

Use these two codes to allow party control whenever "Try Out" tactics are selected:
LIEXUVZS - Determine Party Control by selected tactics instead of chapter number
EYEXNTEI - Control your party if "Try Out" is selected instead of "Try Out" NOT being selected.

But these have the side effect of removing the Change Tactics menu item if you have "Try Out" selected as your tactics. So here's a code to force there to be a Change Tactics command:

PAOUYTAA - Force "Change Tactics" to appear in the tactics menu, but has the side effect of adding dummy menu items.

Finally, if you try to give the party AI control in chapters before 5, it will fail. The characters will just sit around assessing the situation. This code forces AI control to work in the earlier chapters:

AEKEVAGA - Fix AI control for chapters less than 5

Of course, a real Game Genie only lets you pick three codes at a time.

One last thing... If you set the AI to "Try Out" when in a battle, you will need to select Fight, then back out to control your party, and changing tactics from "Try Out" to something else will leave trails on the map, open the status screen to get rid of them.

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