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Red Dragon

Mass Effect Andromeda (for PC)

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Mass Effect Andromeda was a game that didn't do very well from what I've read. I paid $10 for the game, so I kept that in mind. I didn't like it as much as the trilogy (although the ending was better than ME 3), but I think if this game was simply titled Andromeda, it would have done better.

Graphics - B+ - Very good graphics.

Story and atmosphere - C+ - The concept is good, but it seemed a bit like an EA rush job. I didn't see quite as many shades of grey as I'm used to here, either. I was hoping for more than just two types of new aliens. It was a pretty good crew, and the backstory part I thought was excellent.  The rebellion part was a good concept, but should have been detailed more. I expect better from Bioware. This seemed like EA interference more than Bioware.

Voice Acting - B+ - It didn't stand out much to me. That's not a bad thing.

Combat and Play Control - B - Generally good with the gamepad, although like ME1, the mountains are a pain at times. Cover is more of a pain here than previous games.

Difficulty - B - Adjustable, although easier I think than the trilogy. I think I got game overed twice outside of environmental hazards (for some reason I tend to die Pitfall style by falls/falls into electrical pits any chance it happens).

Length - B - It's variable. It can be short, or you can go out and do all of the sidequests.

Endings - C+ - Generic. It was probably intended to set up a sequel that probably won't happen. It's still better than ME3 ending......

Price - A - $10 for game of the year edition. 

Overall - B - For $10, I shouldn't complain. It's not a bad stand alone game, but I expect more from a Mass Effect game. I liked the concept, but there needed to be more details, especially in regards to the Nexus/Council dynamics that are often referenced to, without fully knowing what happened. This game does some things (character backstory) very well. Other things to varying degree. I may give it another playthrough. We'll see. It's a great bargin bin game. I'd probably give it a B- or C+ otherwise.


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