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Dragon Quest Music - FamiTracker

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I'm creating a fan game and I have made several Dragon Quest songs in FamiTracker for it.  I realized this is a more appropriate place to share them than in my original topic.  Some of these are for the game while others I just made for fun.  I'll post them by game, then by order of creation.  I mixed all of them outside of the program, so it doesn't make them 100% accurate.  The songs from the original NES game are extended.

People (GBC arrange) - Dragon Quest

Château (Extended) - Dragon Quest II

Endless World (GBC arrange) - Dragon Quest II

Prophecy (GBC arrange) - Dragon Quest II

Love Song (GBC arrange) - Dragon Quest II

Battle Theme (Extended) - Dragon Quest III

Town Theme ~ Night - Dragon Quest III

Rondo ~ Night - Dragon Quest III

Village Theme ~ Night - Dragon Quest III

Difficult Enemy - Dragon Quest IV (Remakes)

Frightening Dungeon (Extended) - Dragon Quest IV

Psaro Conquers - Dragon Quest IV (Remakes)

Friendly & Peaceful - Dragon Quest V

Bridal Waltz - Dragon Quest V

Country Living - Dragon Quest V

Saint's Wreath - Dragon Quest VI

Happy Humming - Dragon Quest VI

Courageous Fight - Dragon Quest VI

Murdaw's Castle - Dragon Quest VI

Aboard Ship - Dragon Quest VII (I remade this one with Pirates of the Sea below)

Relaxing Corner - Dragon Quest VII

Aboard Ship ~ Pirates of the Sea - Dragon Quest VII

War Cry - Dragon Quest VIII

Majestic Castle - Dragon Quest VIII

Chatting - Dragon Quest VIII

Stella's Theme - Dragon Quest IX

With My Companions - Dragon Quest IX

Buildup To Victory - Dragon Quest IX

I have many more completed, but they are not on soundcloud because almost all of them are extensions of NES songs like the ones at the top of the list.

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Added more songs
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I guess I missed this topic, I will have to show this to my son, he has done a lot of tinkering with Famitraker

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On 1/31/2019 at 3:25 AM, ChrystalChameleon said:

Wow, these sound really authentic! Great job!

Thank you!  I appreciate you checking them out.  I was able to listen to several of the arrangements on your channel as well.  Bravo!  I like that you arrange many songs that I've never seen arranged before such as "What?" from FFVI.  "Mines of Narshe" arrangement was satisfying too.  I forgot to ❤️ them, so I just went back to do so.  Will definitely be listening to more.

On 1/31/2019 at 9:23 AM, Woodus said:

I guess I missed this topic, I will have to show this to my son, he has done a lot of tinkering with Famitraker

Thank you Woodus!  I learned by using the NSF import version of FamiTracker to see exactly how the NES songs were arranged.  I don't use the instruments properly as I've seen in FamiTracker tutorials.  I just type out the volume and effects controls myself, then a lot of copy/paste.  It took me years to understand what was happening on-screen.

This tutorial helped me the most: https://www.vg-resource.com/thread-19262.html

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Hi!  I added FamiTracker versions of Psaro's map theme from the remakes of Dragon Quest IV, the village night theme from the remakes of Dragon Quest III, and the second world map theme from Dragon Quest II arranged similar to the GBC version.

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Amazing job as always Fox!

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