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Hello Hello! Ellois here with a nifty thread thing that will eventually be lost to the internet void. 
So, I thought that I should keep a thread of the manga that I have available for everyone! 

Here is the main source for what I upload, and I will do my best to maybe eventually sort of translating, even if it means getting a separate doc and doing the translations there instead of editing page by page. 


Dragon Quest VI Manga [RAW]


Currently the whole first volume is up and I am compiling an ebook file.

(please note that a lot of the files are corrupted here, hence why I have turned to actually buying the books)


As an additive to this, I have just found a website here where you can buy the manga and read it on literally any device! 

I am not actually willing to share my account as it has my personal information on it, but! I will share the screenshots as soon as I can get them! 

I just downloaded the first two books of the VI manga, I will download those first, and do the series. 

The next one that I plan to buy will be the Rubis Legend as Xiggy was looking for them and I feel so bad not being able to help.  


Rubis is apparently the Goddess of the Dragon Quest series? And some crazy stuff goes down, it looks hella interesting and I know would like to invest in it

I can buy about two books ever week or every other week, it will depend on my paychecks, but I am more than happy to share! 


Let me know what series we want to do next and if you would be interested in helping me translate/edit! 

I will definitely try to keep the Google Drive , and this post thread, as updated as I can! Hopefully will finish uploading book one and two on Sunday (10/21/2018 EST)

Again, I pay everything out of my own pocket for the projects that I do, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated!! 

This is a link the Dragon Quest Project Patreon, we are currently dubbing the Dragon Quest VI game! 

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Dragon Quest VI Manga [RAW]

eBook is now available for Volume One! Download here

This is the Google Doc for the Chapters that I have scanned currently 

You can download the first Volume (eBook) to any device and read it off of the Kindle App. The Kindle App is available on iOS and Android. 

If the eBooks are convenient then I will continue to upload them, they do take a little bit of time to make so please allow for some time! I plan to do this for all of the books that I can get my hands on.


Translations are coming along, but I do not think we will see them any time soon, as I am not the best editor. I can either edit or translate, doing both seems to never work out for me. 

If you download the Zip it should transfer right into Kindle

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Update on Manga

I did buy the Rubis manga! 

Will I be translating it? 
Not as of this moment, I have a couple of other translations things to do but I will get to the Dragon Quest series, as soon as I can! 

Right now I am currently translating SinOAlice events and the Dragon Quest Star app. 

I will upload the first volume in a few days! (of Rubis) Please give me a few days to get it done and I should have it done! 

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